Creaform Engineering update on the COVID-19 health crisis and our continued business operations

Creaform Engineering is closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that our operations continue to run as smoothly as possible. Because we provide services that support customers in critical industries, such as healthcare research and development, medical devices, power generation, energy infrastructure, aerospace and defense, we are taking many precautionary measures to mitigate any disruptions with the supply of our services.

We are adamant about keeping our dedicated employees and customers safe. That is why we are complying with every recommendation from government authorities to reduce the spread of the virus and minimize the risk to the supply of our services to our customers.

As the nature of our work already involves working remotely, this means that we can continue to carry out and deliver our customer’s projects. Our employees have been asked to stay home and give their support remotely—all while respecting social distancing measures.

Even during these uncertain times, Creaform Engineering is still able to take on new projects in order to help our customers to pursue their essential business activities. Whether for design, engineering, certification, industrial automation, dimensional management, project management, numerical simulation (FEA/CFD) or any other services you may need, rest assured that everything is in place to support your business. As the situation evolves, we will adapt our operations accordingly. We will continue to fulfill our global responsibilities and provide essential services for our customers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees who are committed to our customers and partners.

Let’s move forward virtually and safely—together!

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